Year: 2016

Why do people change?

• People change as their priorities change. When that happens, they no longer mean what they once did.

• There are many promises we make to each other, to our spouse, siblings, friends and parents. Often though most of us are unable to keep them. Does that mean we never meant it while we made those promises? Not quite, actually.

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A story of the fistful rice

nce Buddha was walking towards the river along with couple of his disciples. They were to cross the river and go across to another village. Suddenly some of the disciples noticed another Yogi crossing the river and coming towards them. He was simply walking over the water.

Impressed by what they saw, they even tried to get Buddha’s attention towards that. Unimpressed, Buddha kept walking.

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Significance of Listening

• The practice of listening is a simple and powerful way to build your concentration.

• When you practice the art of listening; your ability to remain concentrated undergoes a rapid transformation.

• Listening requires you to be alert and attentive in the present moment.

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Practice Empathy

• Don’t just do something, stand there this is the basis of empathy.

• Normally, we do the opposite, we feel tempted to do something and not just stand there.

• However Empathy is about just being there. It’s the art of easing the pain of the other person by just being there for them in the most non-judgmental manner.

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Significance of Consciousness in our lives

• Consciousness is the flow of life. You experience its existence daily in the change in your thoughts, in your moods when on the outside nothing seem to have changed at all.

• If you are happy, even average food tastes sumptuous and if you are grumpy even the best food feels tasteless.

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