Year: 2016

When desires become Expectation

• When a lingering thought is not abandoned, it’s becomes a desire.

• When we contemplate on the fulfillment of desire and feel that it’s our right to see it fulfilled, that somehow we deserve it- it becomes an expectation.

• For example, it’s 4 pm. You’re at work. Suddenly, and image of nice meal crosses your mind. Rather than dropping the thought of food, you pursue it and soon find yourself craving for a good dinner. This is your desire.

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Two things you must know to gain knowledge

em>Knowledge is knowing about something. Know-how is knowing how to do something. Knowledge is information. Know-how is technique.

You need both for the Success.

Knowledge is gained anywhere and everywhere. It can be acquired from books, people, things, happenings, history and casual observations. But to be useful it must be organised. You must know what you know.

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If you want to get results, Try a prayer!

If you want to get results, Try a Prayer! Success in all fields of endeavour has been assisted by the employment of prayer.

Regardless of your belief, prayer from a psychological viewpoint is beneficial in crystallising one ‘s ideas towards an objective, and develops a stimulating internal force. To thank the Divine Power at the end of a good day has never harmed anyone–to ask the Divine Power for assistance towards success has helped many…

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Learn to practice the attitude of gratitude

When life seems to be difficult and nothing seems to be working in your favour, simply sit down and make a list of things that are working.

And consciously thank universe (and God) for those things, relationships that are still working.

When you do that, suddenly you will be present to the Mercy of God in your life. Just enjoy that moment consciously.

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Success or failure is primarily the result of the attitude of an individual

• If you are the type of person who allows external conditions to control your destiny, free yourself from Bondage!

• For Bondage is a state of being bound to a state of complete subjection to the will of another; as used used here, subjection to external influences and the internal negative thoughts and attitudes.

• Remember, success or failure is primarily the result of the attitude of the individual.

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