Affirmation of the day

Affirmation of the day I am working toward fulfilling my goals every day and I easily move past those times when my expectations are not met. Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich once said, "You can be anything you want to be, if only you believe with...

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July 12, 2019 Today I enter into my 59th year. Leaving behind 58 year's of life filled with love, care, togetherness and unshakable belief in God. Thank you Parvathi, Kuberan, Nisha, Amulya, all my siblings, school and college friends, staff and clients who shaped me...

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Affirmation for Meditation & Reflection

Affirmation for Meditation & Reflection I choose to believe things are possible, even when I don't know how they will happen. There are two roadblocks that hold us back from achieving our goals and making good decisions. The first one is fear of what we don't...

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Significance of Concentration in meditation

A junior Monk was meditating along with two other seniors, together by the riverside. Two of them considered themselves to be more advanced than the junior Monk, who actually had remained doubtful of their claim.

Their monastery was on the other side of the river.

“It’s normal to have supernatural powers when you are enlightened,” one of the seniors said. He got up walked on the water, across the river, and came back walking on the water. “I had just gone to bring my shawl.”

The second Monk showed no reaction but the junior one sat agape. Before he could get over the miracle, he had just witnessed, the second senior Monk also got up and performed the same feat. “I had forgotten my alms-bowl back there,” he said in a matter of fact tone while sitting down.

Now the junior Monk was almost shell-shocked. He realized that it was their confidence and conviction that they could walk on the water.

Not to be outdone, and to test his powers, he too got up with the intention to walk on the water.

Two steps from the bank, he fail down in the river, his robe soaked. The seniors laughed and laughed.

Still not giving up the junior Monk came out and tried to run across the river. He fell down again.

The first Monk looked at the other senior and said, “Do you think, we should tell him, where the stones are?”

Building your concentration, the most important aspect of good meditation, is like walking on water. But once you know where the stones are, it becomes a lot easier to do so.

Concentration is focus with precision- one careful step at a time, one moment at a time.

The only way to retain concentration is by retaining it in this moment, the present moment, and the next, and the next and so on.

If you maintain the sharpness of your concentration from one moment to the next, you stand to gain extraordinary rewards from meditation.


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