Set Goals that Inspire You

Set Goals that Inspire You If you want to be happy, set goals that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes. Success is not only an attitude and belief system, it's also a science. Experts on the science of success know that the brain is...

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The core tenet of The Law of Attraction

I am constantly aware of the power of positive thinking and I am supported by the Universe as it brings me endless opportunities for growth. Basic chemistry tells us that a physical object, such as a house, or a dog, a car is made up of billions of individual...

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Leverage the Law of Attraction

Leverage the Law of Attraction What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures, and words, you attract into your life. Have you tried to turn gravity on or off? Probably not because you realize that it can't be done. Well, there is another...

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Our Struggles shape us, they define who we are

Whether we see a problem as an opportunity or a barrier, it’s a matter of perspective, a question of mindset, a personal choice.

Most of us have read the story of a man who observed a caterpillar struggling to come out of the cocoon. Each passing day the caterpillar was coming out of the cocoon bit by bit; wings were forming on its body. The cocoon was becoming more taut and cramped for the growing pupa.

The man decided to help. He snipped of the cocoon and out came the butterfly effortlessly. It fell straight to the ground. Its body was swollen and wings shrivelled. It simply couldn’t fly. Before long it perished.

Remember, our nature has evolved on challenges. It will continue to stretch you based on your capabilities.

Learn to look at your Struggles as opportunities for your growth.

Look at it and figure out what is your opportunity in the given circumstances.

Learn to say, “Thank you God for Everything.” under all circumstances. For example, if you experience the severe headache, while you take responsible actions such as taking the medicine for the headache; can you get present to the fact that the rest of the body is fine and say with gratitude, Thank you God for Everything

Remember, Gratitude is the miraculous cure for everything in your life.

Govind Vedaprakash Shandilya
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