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Affirmation of the day I am working toward fulfilling my goals every day and I easily move past those times when my expectations are not met. Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich once said, "You can be anything you want to be, if only you believe with...

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July 12, 2019 Today I enter into my 59th year. Leaving behind 58 year's of life filled with love, care, togetherness and unshakable belief in God. Thank you Parvathi, Kuberan, Nisha, Amulya, all my siblings, school and college friends, staff and clients who shaped me...

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Affirmation for Meditation & Reflection I choose to believe things are possible, even when I don't know how they will happen. There are two roadblocks that hold us back from achieving our goals and making good decisions. The first one is fear of what we don't...

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Do you remember the 7 promises you made to your spouse when you got married? Even if you aren’t Hindu, when you keep these promises, it will bring workability in your life.

First Promise:

धर्मेच अर्थेच कामेच इमां नातिचरामि ।
धर्मेच अर्थेच कामेच इमं नातिचरामि ॥

Initiating the promise, the groom says that their love has become firm by taking the first step. He promises to provide everything for her as well as family’s welfare and happiness.

In return, the bride happily takes the responsibility of home, food and finances. She hereby promises to satiate all her responsibilities for the welfare of the household, family and the children.

Second Promise:

Initiating the second vow, the groom promises to protect the bride and the family by all his strength in god’s name.

In return the bride promises that at all times, she shall continue to fill his heart with strength and courage. She promises to be his strength and stand by him in all tough and turbulent times.

Third Promise:

In the third promise, the bride accepts the groom as her husband and promising this she says that every man in her life will be secondary for her. Her husband will be all and all for her in this whole universe.

(This is what we call COMMITMENT!)

गृभ्णामि ते सुप्रजास्त्वाय हस्तं मया पत्या जरदष्टिर्यथासः ।
भगो अर्यमा सविता पुरन्धिर्मह्यांत्वादुःगार्हपत्याय देवाः ॥

In return, the groom accepts the bride as his wife and promises for their prosperity and wealth as a couple. He also wishes good up-bringing for their children.


Fourth Promise:

गृभ्णामि ते सुप्रजास्त्वाय हस्तं मया पत्या जरदष्टिर्यथासः ।
भगो अर्यमा सविता पुरन्धिर्मह्यांत्वादुःगार्हपत्याय देवाः ॥

In the fourth promise, the groom confesses that she has brought sanctity and auspiciousness in his life. He prays to God to bestow him and her with good children and grant them a long life.

In return the bride promises to acquire happiness and harmony via respect, faith, mutual love and understanding.

Fifth Promise: (What a Wonderful Definition to Marriage)

Giving the fifth promise, the groom accepts her as his best-friend. The bride promises to honor the groom with all the respect and love she can.

Sixth Promise:

Taking the sixth round around the holy fire, the groom wishes for her happiness and the bride commits to stand by his side always.

Seventh Promise: (The best of all)

सखा सप्तपदा भव ।
सखायौ सप्तपदा बभूव ।
सख्यं ते गमेयम् ।
सख्यात् ते मायोषम् ।
सख्यान्मे मयोष्ठाः ।

The bride promises that she has become his spouse by the law of God, holy fire and the Holy Scriptures. The promises she has made have been spoken with pure heart and pure mind. All the angels are witnesses to this fact. She shall neither deceive him nor will she ever let him down.

Finishing the promise ceremony, the groom promises the bride that by walking this seventh step with her, their love and companionship have become inseparable and eternal. They have experienced spiritual union in God. Now she has become completely his. He offers his total self to her.

These were the 7 Promises made by the bride and the groom to each other at the time of wedding.

If you have read these attentively, then you might have just noticed that these 7 promises encompass every dimension of human life beginning from the life after marriage to the death. The promises include every sphere of marital life- be it family, household, finances, children, adversities, difficulties, loyalty, companionship, strength, weakness, everything.

The 7 promises are nothing but a microcosm of the life the couple has to see after their marriage. The 7 promises make sure to unite the couple eternally then and there amidst a divine atmosphere.

Above all, they make all the Terrence agencies a part of the wedding – be it God, be it nature, be it any supernatural force of this universe.

Think about it.

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