We are all on a Vacation and we are Missing Home

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Put some magnetism in your personality

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We are all on a Vacation and we are Missing Home

Have you ever opened the main door and entered your home after a very long vacation? You are greeted by the smell of a closed home, a sweet smell of dust. You throw yourself on the couch and you let out of a big sigh. And, you say, “Home, sweet home”.

No matter how amazing the vacation might be, after few days you start missing home. You feel you must get back to home. Your home may not be richest and luxurious. It may not have the luxury of five star hotel where you spend your vacation. Yet you feel most comfortable in your own home. There’s natural ease, a sense of belonging, a different sort of freedom. It beats the luxuries of the five star hotel.

The same goes for our soul as well. Our body is not its permanent home. Our individual consciousness is eternally trying to merge in the supreme consciousness. It wants to go home. It may not be an eloquent orator to tell you so clearly but thats what it wants to do. Because we are beings of immense freedom and infinite potential, and here we are caught up in the petty tendencies and desires of our mind and body.

The soul wants to go back to its source. This is the most fundamental law of nature, of creation and destruction: Everything must return to its source. Our body may be temporary, our minds conditioned, our consciousness a wary traveller, but our soul knows where it belongs.

That’s why every person at some point of time in their lives is forced to think about the meaning of their lives. Everyone, who’s experienced a minute of fulfilment, embarks on a journey greater than their individual existence. No pleasure or relationship can offer you permanent fulfilment because we are all on a vacation, and we are missing home.

Meditation is going home.

It is going back to your source, where you belong, so that you are no longer what people tell you who you are, or what the world has made you to believe, or even what you think of yourself. Instead, it is to discover yourself, to get to your primal source from where bliss, happiness and joy flow constantly. It is to discover your original home, without the furniture of jealousy, covetousness, envy, hatred. A home with no walls of ego and anger. A place where your soul rests in peace, where conscious flows unimpeded like the gentle Ganges murmuring on a sunny day.

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