11 Vastu tips for a healthy and smooth pregnancy

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11 Vastu tips for a healthy and smooth pregnancy

“A Child is a God’s gift!” Being pregnant is an esoteric experience. Pregnancy is a privilege that only women enjoy. Parents always wish for a healthy baby! Here are 11 Vastu tips as advised by Vastu experts can help enhance and improve not only the chances of conceiving but also a smooth pregnancy.

  1. 11 Vastu tips for a healthy and smooth pregnancy a couple sleeps in North East bedroom, then the lady won’t be able to conceive a child; even if she conceives, the “water” element of North East won’t allow adequate heat to reach the fetus, resulting in miscarriage or abortion. The north-western room is considered most favorable.
  2. While conceiving the baby please stop all type construction or renovation in your house.
  3. Once a lady conceives, she must not stay in South East bedroom as too much amount of heat of South East corner either leads to miscarriage or premature birth.
  4. Make sure that there’s no staircase or anything heavy at the center of home as it leads to various complications in pregnancy.
  5. Never allow a pregnant woman to stay in dark, always make sure that there’s light around her.
  6. Don’t allow a pregnant lady to see anything depressing such as a gloomy or miserable movie, TV show etc. Reading inspiring or motivational books during pregnancy is good.
  7. A pregnant lady must avoid wearing dark and drab colored clothes such as black, dark red etc.
  8. Paintings that depict negative feelings and moods such as war, violence, cruelty, grief etc. should not be at home.
  9. Say no to bonsai and thorny plants in the home.
  10. Never allow the pregnant lady to use a bathroom under a staircase or beam.
  11. Don’t allow a pregnant lady to sleep under a beam.
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