5 Reasons to not to Sleep in the Morning and the Evening

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5 Reasons to not to Sleep in the Morning and the Evening

According to the Hindu scriptures the morning and the evening are the time of prayer and not meant for sleeping. Our ancestors had knowledge about ill effects of having sleep at the morning and the evening. That’s why our parents in our childhood don’t let us sleep when the sun goes down and comes up. The bad effects of sleeping at sunrise and sunset also confirmed by the modern scientific and research analysis.

  1. Morning and Evening sunlight boosts level of serotonin(happiness hormone) due to which we feel happy and energetic and can fight with depression if we adopt regular exercise.
  2. Sleeping in the evening is said to affect the digestion too. Therefore, if we are health conscious, then it is better to avoid sleeping during that time and spend the time purposefully in other useful acts instead.
  3. Deficiency of vitamin D. Many studies have linked vitamin D deficiency with cognitive impairment as levels of vitamin D goes down, cognitive impairment goes up.Getting diabetic is also possible because of lack of vitamin D.
  4. We should not sleep during evening, because that will disturb our night time sleep and ultimately will disturb our whole day cycle, which will get reflect our health.
  5. Weight gain is very common problem related to the sleeping in evening and morning because body slows down the metabolism and what we eat finally stored in form of fat and we feel less energetic full day.

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