Create Your Freedom Fund (Savings) in 4 Simple Steps

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freedom fund

Create Your Freedom Fund (Savings) in 4 Simple Steps

It is all about buying your freedom of choice, being able to leave your job whenever you want to. It doesn’t take a lot of money to make that happen.

Here’s how to start building your freedom fund:

1. What freedom means to you: Think about the question from earlier: If you didn’t have to work, what would you do? Where would you go? What would your day look like? Choose your definition of freedom. Picture yourself in the treks in manali, taking time off to spend with your family, or creating your own business. Name it and embrace it. This is the image that’s going to help get you save 10% of your every income.

2. Open a savings account immediately: If you don’t already have a “freedom fund” set up, do it immediately after reading this blog post. I mean it. This account could change your life someday. It doesn’t take much of your efforts. Choose a bank that offers more interest on savings. These days it is much more easier to open a savings account in any bank. It will take few minutes to complete the process.

3. Save a small, steady amount: 10% of your any income is a very realistic amount when you start your savings. Over time, you can slowly increase your deposits to 15-20% of your monthly income.

4. Deposit extra money when you can: As soon as you start seeing your savings pile up, you start getting more and more excited about all the options you would have with your money. Add extra money whenever you can as you wish the see your account grow huge. Every time you came across extra money (like a bonus or a tax refund), deposit a quarter of it towards your freedom fund. A little bit of extra money here and there really helps you build your reserves.
Just 10% of your income. How simple it is. And how good it feels on the other side.

Freedom is beautiful. And it’s simple. It’s as simple as having a samosa with a cup of tea whenever you want. Regardless of definition of your freedom you have, give yourself the 10% luxury of working towards your dreams. STARTING NOW.

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