Does changing name or its spelling according to numerology really work?

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Does changing name or its spelling according to numerology really work?

Yes. Changing name or its spellings according to Numerology by an Expert Numerologist can do wonders. While the science of Numerology uses the 26 letter Roman Alphabet used in English and French Speaking countries; the same system can be applied in countries/places where people usually do not use ENGLISH.

If a person were named in alphabet using other than Roman letters such as Devanagari, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, even Russian, Japanese, Hebrew for that matter; the transliterated name (the name as written in Roman Alphabet) will provide the same accurate numerology reading.

I must add though; name correction will help you attract the new opportunities, right people and circumstances. However, unless YOUwho is still the driver of your life—recognises these new opportunities; people and circumstances; and takes timely inspired actions; nothing much will happen. Sometimes, people have stunted growth due to Karmic Debt numbers in their Expression and Heart’s Desire. Such problems can be easily solved by changing the name.

If you have Karmic Debt numbers only in your DOB and Pinnacles; then name correction will NOT WORK. In that case, the remedies will include wearing particular gemstones after performing spiritual rituals.

In India, we have several temples; where you can visit and perform pooja to removes such doshas.

Remember, each number 1–9 is assigned to different planets, that are used in Astrology. So, in essence when you consult an Expert Numerologist, he will help you align numbers to suit your planetary positions and that will bring about favourable situations in your life. However, to get the desired results you must ACT on those situations and circumstances. After all only action produces the results.

You need not believe a word that I say. Simply Google my name and read what others are saying about me. 🙂

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