9 Planets and Their Associated Gemstones

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9 Planets and Their Associated Gemstones

1. Sun

Sun is the “King” among all the nine planets. Because the Sun is the only source of energy in our entire solar system. Sun signifies health, dignity, self-esteem, courage, prosperity and love.

Ruby stone is the gemstone relating to the planet Sun. By wearing this gemstone, one can avail the innumerable benefits which are being provided by the Sun.

2. Moon

The Moon is the ruler of our emotions. Our emotions set the tone for our daily lives. The moon influences our all ups and downs, naughty or nice, laugh and cry. Through the Moon’s energy, we endeavour to reconcile these varied emotions in order to make ourselves complete and one with the world.

Pearl (Moti) is regarded as the gemstone for the planet Moon. Wearing pearl stone removes the malicious effects of the Moon. It get rid off a person from depression and gloom. Soothes the mind and brings in calmness.

3. Mars

Mars is the planet of energy, action, and desire. It is the survival instinct, and can be thought of as the “leftover” animal nature of man. Mars rules our animal instincts for aggression, anger, and survival.

Red Coral is regarded as the stone of the mars. Wearing a Coral stone will benefits such as good health, courage, determination, self-esteem and get rid-off vengeful mars.

4. Mercury

Mercury is acknowledged to be “the planet of love” or “prince of planets”. This planet signifies wit, intellect, love, education, business and fortune. It is also the planet for the communication and it represents the fields related to commerce, trade, accounts, banking and computers.

Emerald gemstone is the birthstone of mercury planet. Therefore, a person whose birth planet is mercury must wear this gemstone. The green colour stone aid an individual to perceive all the enrich properties of emerald stone in short span of time.

5. Jupiter

Jupiter has got the status of teacher among all other planets and it is the largest planet in the in our solar panel. As the guardian of the abstract mind, this planet rules higher learning, and bestows upon us a yen for exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually. Intellectually speaking, Jupiter assists us in formulating our ideology.

Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) is the gemstone for the Jupiter. The wearer of this gemstone will perceive the innumerable benefits being offered by the planet Jupiter. It is an auspicious gemstone and bequeaths benefits like health, prosperity and wealth.

6. Saturn

Saturn is the fastest acting planet in the solar panel. Saturn is also called the “Planet of Truth”. It is concerned with fairness, justice, righteousness, right attitude and right conduct. It creates sorrow, suffering, deep discontentment and enmity with a view to teach the person the real truth of life

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is regarded as the gemstone for the Saturn. In order to percieve numerous benefits of the planet Saturn a person should wear this stone.

7. Venus

Venus is the goddess of Love. Venus signifies spirituality, honesty, dignity, courage, love, romance, morality, attraction, wealth, knowledge, prosperity and recreational sources. It is the nearest planet of earth and brightest planet in the sky.

Diamond is revered as the birthstone of the Venus. Therefore a person whose birth planet is Venus must wear diamond in order to acquire the numerous benefits that is being offered by this stone.

8. Rahu

Rahu is considered to be a ‘Node’, ‘Chayagrah or Shadowy planet which has a distinct, profound and predictable impact on human lives. Rahu governs one’s ego, anger, mentality, lust, black magic, and awry activities of life. Adverse influence of Rahu can make one a completely brutal, and violent. Rahu is also significator for hidden money, gambling, fatality, and darkness.

Hessonite (Gomed) is proposed to be worn in order to secure the positive results from malicious planet rahu and get rid-off rahu dasha or malefic rahu.

9. Ketu

The planet Ketu is a cruel planet although it has a spiritual aspect to it as well. It is also responsible for various kinds of mis-happenings in life especially those incidents which occur suddenly like accidents etc. When conjoined with benefic house, it gives positive results while being with malefic planets, the results may be negative. Ketu increases the positive effects of house where it is situated. It also signifies spirituality, peace of mind, wealth, happiness and prosperity.

Cats Eye Stone is worn in order to receives the benefits which are being offered by Ketu planet. The stone has got this name due to its distinct appearance which resembles alike cats eye stone

Warning: One must consult a Numerologist before choosing and wearing a gemstone. Even though gemstone wearer can yield enormous benefits, he/she can also attract lot of negativity if the gemstone doesn’t match them.

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