Embrace the change

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Embrace the change

Change is the law of life. Those who look only to the past or present

are certain to miss the future.

Change is inevitable. At this very moment, e.g., your body and cells are changing. The Earth is changing. The economy, technology, how we do business, even how we communicate is changing.

When change happens, you can either cooperate with it and learn how to benefit from it or you can resist it and eventually get run over by it. It’s your choice.

There are two kinds of change– cyclical and structural –neither of which you can control.

For most, the cyclical changes get accepted as normal part of life.

But structural changes such as digitalisation can completely change the way we live, work, get our news and make purchases. There is no going back. These changes can sweep you away if you resist them.

To help embrace any change, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s changing in my life that I am currently resisting?
  • Why am I resisting that change?
  • What am I afraid of with respect to this change?
  • What am I afraid might happen to me?
  • What’s my pay off for keeping things the way they are?
  • What’s the cost I am paying for keeping things the way they are?
  • What benefits might there bein this change?
  • What would I have to do to cooperate with this change?
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