The secret formula of getting out of any traffic jam quickly; now revealed.

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The secret formula of getting out of any traffic jam quickly; now revealed.

I have discovered this accidentally in 2008, when one fine morning I was dropping my daughter to school and suddenly found myself stuck in a traffic jam. Before we could realize and even think of taking a U-turn about 50 cars had stopped behind us and about 100 cars in front. And as usual the two wheeler guys were creating further chaos.

We had exactly 15 minutes to reach the school. Luckily, just a day before we had watched a movie– The Secret.

While it didn’t occur to me, but my daughter said, “Papa, why worry. We now know the secret.”

And both of us spontaneously started singing aloud, “Thank you for clearing the way. Thank you for letting us go.”

To our surprise within minutes the traffic started moving. We kept singing till we reached the school. We reached the school 5 minutes earlier.

Since then I have been singing this everytime I find myself in the traffic jam and it has always produced the desired results.

Using this strategy I have reached Railway station, Airport and client’s offices just in time. In fact, I don’t even wait for the traffic jam to happen; the moment I notice a slight congestion; I start singing. And the traffic starts moving as if by magic.

So remember this magical prayer, Thank you for clearing the way. Thank you for letting us go.

You could also add, Thank you for reaching us ahead of time.

Do use it. Experience it for yourself and then feel free to share it with everyone in your life.

Govind Vedaprakash Shandilya
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Author | Numerologist | Coach Law of Attraction
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