Remember, people are primarily interested in themselves, not you!

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Remember, people are primarily interested in themselves, not you!

Said another way — the other person is 10,000 times more interested in self than he/she is in you.

And vice versa! You are more interested in yourself than you are in any other person in the world.

Remember that your actions are governed by self-thought and self-interest. Even while doing charity, the predominant thought is the satisfaction and pleasure that the giver gets from giving, not the positive impact the charity will do. That comes second!

Don’t be embarrassed by this revelation. It has been that way for many thousands of years.

In fact, this revelation would now give you the basis on which to work in your dealings with people.

It also gives you power and skill in your dealings with others. It is a key of Life for you to realize that people are primarily interested in themselves and not in you.

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