Divine Art of Listening

Creating a Good Impression contd…

Creating a Good Impression contd... Don't wear a disguise. Subconsciously, we are smarter than we realize. The conscious mind may not be smart enough to analyze and see through the disguises people wear, but our subconscious is. And our subconscious tells us that the...

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Creating a Good Impression

Creating a Good Impression Wishing you a happy Holi Celebrations The manner in which you approach others, your very first words, and actions, nearly always set the tone for the entire encounter. You can control the actions and attitudes of others to a remarkable...

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Put some magnetism in your personality contd.

Put some magnetism in your personality contd... contd. 3. Moderate your tone of voice. We express ourselves through our voice more than in any other manner. The voice is the most highly developed means of communication. Your voice communicates more than ideas; it also...

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Put some magnetism in your personality

Put some magnetism in your personality Confidence has a way of showing itself in subtle ways. While you may never analyze why you have confidence in a certain person, subconsciously, we all judge others by the following signs and clues: Watch your walk; your physical...

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Confidence breeds confidence

Confidence breeds confidence Confidence breeds confidence. Just as you can make others enthusiastic with your enthusiasm, you can give people confidence in you by acting confidently. It is a sad but true fact that many of mediocre ability get further than those who...

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Divine Art of Listening

The more listening you do, the more God-like you will appear. At the same time you will also become more smarter. You will be liked better and make excellent conversationalist.

A good listener always winds up far ahead of a good talker in the affections of people. This is because, a good listener always allows people to hear their favorite speakers, themselves.

Top 5 Rules to become a good listener

  1. Look at the person who is talking. Anyone worth listening is worth looking at too.
  2. Lean towards the speaker and listen intently. Appear as if you don’t want to miss a single word.
  3. Ask questions. This let’s the other person (the talker) know that you are listening.
  4. Stick to speaker’s subject and don’t interrupt. Avoid changing subjects on a person until he is finished; no matter how anxious you are to get started on a new one.
  5. Use the speaker’s words — you and your. When you use I, me, my and mine, you are switching the focus from the speaker to yourself. That’s talking not listening.
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