God spoke to me and asked to convey that All your wishes will be granted in 2018 without any exception!

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All your wishes will be granted in 2018 without any exception!

God spoke to me and asked to convey that All your wishes will be granted in 2018 without any exception!

He also said, let people do the following things.

1. Be absolutely clear about everything that you wish to accomplish in 2018.

Don’t simply say, I want a job. Describe what kind of job, what kind of Company, how much salary, the location of the office, etc. Remember that vague idea will give you vague results.

Don’t simply say I want money. Define it. How much? By when? And what are you willing to exchange for it? Also remember to mention that it’s your own money, else you might find yourself counting money in the bank as a teller.

If you are asking for a house, remember to define it clearly. How many bedrooms, in which area, the features of the house. The more the clarity you bring about your house, it will be easier for God to give you the same. Remember that vague ideas produce vague results!

2. Describe each of your dreams clearly in details in a separate sheet of paper. Write the dream in present continuous tense. Include, your feeling too. For example, you could write, “I am really enjoying driving to work in my own brand new red Mercedes Benz and experience the sheer luxury.

3. Then write on each sheet Thank You. It means, you have accepted it.

4. Then with great faith keep all these sheets somewhere inside your cupboard. You don’t need to carry it everywhere. Don’t look at them several times. You have now sown the seeds. Let universe do it’s job.

Remember, what will happen if a child keep digging up the seed to see if plant is growing? The plant will never grow.

5. Now for the rest of the year, simply learn to keep your promises. Consciously practice doing what you said you would do, in the time you said you would do and without cutting corners.

6. Also remember to be grateful for each and everything that is there in your life. Practice saying thank you, very often.

7. Keep written records of your dreams, and accomplishments. Remember, what gets measured, gets done.

You may even want to record today’s message by writing it down in your journal.

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