Once you have decided to become wealthy, the second most critical step you must take is to learn to SAVE.

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Once you have decided to become wealthy, the second most critical step you must take is to learn to SAVE.

Once you have decided to become wealthy, the second most critical step you must take is to learn to SAVE.

A part of all you earn must be yours to keep. You must keep aside at least 10% of your earnings every month, before you plan your expenses. And make that 10% money inaccessible for expenses. Instead invest that amount such that it starts earning money on its own.

So learn to pay yourself first. Many people have built their fortune by paying themselves first. It’s as true and effective today, as it was during your great grandparents days.

Several years ago when I heard about this principle, as a self-employed small time professional, I would first pay for my household expenses and EMIs and then pay salaries to my staff. And I was still broke every month. So make no such mistake.

Paying yourself first means keeping aside the 10% of your income and investing it for your future, never to spend it till you retire.

If you are earning, let’s say Rs. 10,000 per month. With small discipline, you can learn to live on Rs. 9000 every month. And when you do that by the end of the year you will have Rs. 12000 in your bank. Re-invest that money while continuing to save 10% of your monthly income.

This one habit alone can make you a millionaire over time. Learning to live on 90% of your income is the most important and critical habit that you must learn, if you wish to become wealthy in your life.

On request, I could share with you another effective formula of how to use the remaining 90% of your income in a balanced way so that within 48 months of practicing it you can experience abundance in your life; without any exception.

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