The Sphere of Silence–A Magical Recipe to Catapult your life to a better, fuller and happier life! Part 1 of 2

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The Sphere of Silence — A Magical Recipe to Catapult your life to a better, fuller and happier life! Part 1 of 2

The practice of the Sphere of Silence is made up of three parts — of duty, of knowledge, and of devotion.

Each of them meant to be performed within a time frame suggested along with a journal of notes that you must maintain.

The Path of Duty is the setting of goals for each day and the next day, spending the time to look back at those set the previous day. The time is spent on doing a ‘post-mortem’ of the achievements of the day which has passed, focusing in on the analysis of your actions, while in tandem, articulating mentally as to who you want to be.

You must write all this for record keeping, for the primary purpose of looking back. The purpose of the post-mortem is to look into an internal mirror… to see who you really are.

The Path of Knowledge seeks to build the short term memory. In doing this, your mind’s ability to retain facts improves drastically.

All great leaders generally develop and utilize excellent short-term memory and this is reflected in how they are able to recall facts in a seemingly effortless manner.

The Path of Devotion is the time taken to converse with God or the Universe. Seeking and asking in your heart is the exercise, and it needs no answers.

The unique thing about this process is that your answers almost always come to you in some form or the another.

The entire practice, best done an hour or so before sunrise, also known as brahma muhurta or the time of creation, will challenge your understanding of happiness, success, and wealth, helping you to re-define parameters of each…as you evolve within.

Wishing you Happy and Successful Friday! May you succeed in your life’s purpose.

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