It pays to know how to purchase knowledge

It pays to know how to purchase knowledge

First of all, decide the sort of specialized knowledge you require, and the purpose for which is needed. To a large extent your major purpose in life, the goal toward which you are working, will help determine what knowledge you need.

With this question settled, your next move requires that you have accurate information concerning dependable sources of knowledge. The most important of these are:

✓ Your own experience and education.

✓ Experience and education available through Master Mind group.

✓ Colleges and Universities.

✓ Public libraries (through books and periodicals)

✓ Special Training Courses.

✓ Google

As knowledge is acquired it must be organized and put into use, for a definite purpose, through practical plans. Knowledge has no value except that which can be gained from its application toward some worthy cause.

Successful people, in all callings, continue to acquire specialized knowledge related to their major purpose, business, or profession.

Those who are unsuccessful usually make the mistake of believing that the knowledge-acquiring period ends when they finish school.

The truth is that schooling does but little more than to put you in the way of learning how to acquire practical knowledge.

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