Bless Your Food & Water!

In the ancient times people believed that when they blessed their food and water with gratitude it purified whatever they were blessing, and when you look at the theories and discoveries that quantum physics have made in recent times, such as the observer effect, the ancients may very well have been right. The observer effect in quantum physics refers to changes that the act of observation makes on whatever is being observed.

Imagine if focusing gratitude on your food and drinks changed their energy structure, and purified them so that everything you consumed had the ultimate effect of well-being on your body?

One of the ways to experience the magic of gratitude instantly with food and drinks is to really savor what you are eating or drinking. When you savor your food or drinks you are appreciating them, or being grateful. As an experiment, next time you’re in the middle of eating food or drinking any liquid, when you take a mouthful, concentrate on the taste of the food in your mouth or the flavor of the liquid before you swallow it. You will find that when you focus on the food or drink in your mouth, and savor it, the flavors seem to explode, and when you don’t focus the flavors weaken dramatically. It’s your energy of focus and gratitude that instantly enhances the flavor!

Before you eat or drink anything today, whether you are about to eat a meal, a piece of fruit,or a snack, or have a drink of anything, including water, take a moment to look at what you are about to eat or drink, and in your mind or out loud say the magic words, thank you! And if you can, just take one mouthful really savoring it; it will not only increase your enjoyment, it will help you to feel far more gratitude.

If at any time during the day you forget to say the magic words, thank you, before you eat or drink anything, as soon as you remember, close your eyes, go back in your mind to the time when you forgot, visualize yourself in your mind for a second or two before you ate or drank, and say the magic words.

If you forget to be grateful for the food and drinks multiple times in a day, then repeat the practice mentioned above tomorrow. You can’t afford to miss a single day in building your gratitude — your dreams depend upon it!

Being grateful for simple things in life, like food and water, is one of the deepest expressions of gratitude, and when you can feel that degree of gratitude, you will see the magic happen.

Govind Vedaprakash Shandilya
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