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Creating a Good Impression contd…

Creating a Good Impression contd… Don’t wear a disguise. Subconsciously, we are smarter than we realize. The conscious mind may not be smart enough to analyze and see through the disguises people wear, but our subconscious is. And our subconscious tells us that the person putting on act doesn’t really think well of themselves. You are also judged by the value you put on other things– your job, your opinions, and your competition. A wise man once said, “Judge not that ye shall be judged yourself.” That is a good lesson for human relations. Every time you judge something, you are giving others a clue for judging you. What value do you place on your job, on your company? When someone asks you where you work, do you answer half-apologetically, “Oh, I work at the People’s Bank” as if you were ashamed of the fact? Or Do you say proudly, “I work at the best bank in this part of the country.” Others will think more of you if you give the second answer. If you give the impression that your employer, anything else about you, isn’t much, others will think that you couldn’t be much either. Tomorrow, I will share why you must never try to knock the competition in order to look good. Till then, Wishing you Happy and Successful Friday! May you succeed in your life’s...

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Creating a Good Impression

Creating a Good Impression Wishing you a happy Holi Celebrations The manner in which you approach others, your very first words, and actions, nearly always set the tone for the entire encounter. You can control the actions and attitudes of others to a remarkable extent if you remember to start a conversation on the same note on which you want it to end. If you are discussing business, start of in a business-like tone. If you wish to be informal, begin in an informal manner. Others will rise to the occasion. They will act out their role in the stage setting that you create. Every time you have a dealing with others, you are setting a stage. If you set the stage for comedy, don’t be serious. If you set the stage for tragedy, don’t expect others to be frivolous. “It just didn’t come off,” we say of the meeting or interview that didn’t go as we would have liked. Nearly always, when this happens, it is because we got off on the wrong node. Before you go into any kind of discussion, ask yourself: “What do I really want from this? What mood should prevail?” Then create the tone that will set the stage. We can control the actions and attitudes of others by remembering that the very first impression we give is apt to be a lasting...

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Put some magnetism in your personality contd.

Put some magnetism in your personality contd… contd. 3. Moderate your tone of voice. We express ourselves through our voice more than in any other manner. The voice is the most highly developed means of communication. Your voice communicates more than ideas; it also betrays your feelings about yourself. Listen to your voice: does it express hopelessness or courage? Have you got into the habit of whining? Do you speak up confidently or mumble? 4. Use the magic switch of a smile. A real sincere smile turns on a friendly feeling in others. Don’t try to smile as a facial expression, but smile from within. Everyone is blessed with a good smile; it’s just a matter of letting it out. If you are not using your smile, you are like someone with a million in the bank and no cheque-book. The only way to make people do better is to follow the advice of Winston Churchill: “I have found that the best way to get another to acquire virtue is to impute it to them.” Let others know that you think they can be trusted and they will be trustworthy. People who try to make others improve by shaming, threatening, or advising on what they ought to do rarely succeed. And often they make matters worse. No one is totally good or bad. We all have different sides to...

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Put some magnetism in your personality

Put some magnetism in your personality Confidence has a way of showing itself in subtle ways. While you may never analyze why you have confidence in a certain person, subconsciously, we all judge others by the following signs and clues: Watch your walk; your physical actions express your mental attitude. If you see someone walking with dropped shoulders, you think their burdens are too heavy to bear. They seem to be carrying the heavy weight of discouragement and despair. If something is weighing down someone’s spirit, it invariably weighs down their body and they droop. See someone walking with head and eyes down and you are looking at the pessimistic soul. A timid person walks with unsure, hesitant steps as if they were afraid to let go. A confident person steps out boldly. Their shoulders are back, their eyes are looking out and up to a goal, they feel certain that they can attain. 2. Your tattle-tale handshake tells the other person far more than you suspect about the way you feel about yourself. A person with a limp, dish-rag handshake is low on self-confidence. The bone-crusher is apt to be compensating for a lack of self-esteem. The firm handshake with just a little squeeze in it says, “I have got a firm grasp of things” and denotes self-confidence. To be...

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Confidence breeds confidence

Confidence breeds confidence Confidence breeds confidence. Just as you can make others enthusiastic with your enthusiasm, you can give people confidence in you by acting confidently. It is a sad but true fact that many of mediocre ability get further than those who have outstanding talents because they know how to act confidently. All the great leaders have known this. Napoleon, for example, boldly went out to meet the French Army when they were sent out to get him after his first exile. By acting with supreme confidence as if he expected the army to take commands from him, the soldiers marched back behind him. John D. Rockefeller used the same technique. When the creditor suggested that he would like to have his bill paid, Rockefeller would reach for his chequebook with a flourish. “Which would you rather have,” he would ask, “cash or Standard Oil stock?” he appeared so calm and confident, that nearly all opted for the stock and none ever regretted it. If you believe in yourself, and act as if you believe in yourself, others will believe in you. to be continued. Tomorrow, I will share about how to put magnetism in your...

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