Year: 2019

The Skyscraper Visualization

The Skyscraper Visualization Take a deep breath and relax. Imagine that you are standing in the middle of a small terrace on the top of the tallest skyscraper in the entire world. Also, imagine that this terrace has no railing. There’s nothing at all between you and the vertical drop. As you are standing there, look down at your feet and notice what the terrace is made out of. Are you standing on tile, concrete, asphalt, wood, or stone? Notice that the weather is nice. The sun is shining, there is a soft cool breeze, and you can feel the warmth of the sun on your face and your arms… What noises can you hear? Maybe there are some pigeons or other birds up there. Maybe you can hear a helicopter flying by or the street noises far below…. Now, walk out to the very edge of the terrace and put your toes right against the edge. Look down at the street far, far below… See how incredibly small everything appears to be from way up here. As you are doing this notice how you are feeling… Now slowly walk back to the center of the terrace… Still remembering just how you felt when you were standing at the edge and looking down. Most of you will notice some type of emotional and physical reaction. You may have felt...

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How to deal with negative people in your lives?

How to deal with negative people in your lives? Take 100% responsibility. Be an example to them and keep your energy vibration as high as possible. While, you cannot teach them anything they are not ready or willing to learn, remember that nobody is completely negative. Focus on the good qualities in them and appreciate those qualities that are working within the context of your relationship. Also, acknowledge the things about them that you do like or admire, and this may encourage them to express more of those positive qualities . Avoid judging the negative people–simply limit your time and interaction with them as much as possible. Avoid them completely if you can. Obviously, if these people are family members or coworkers it’s difficult to avoid them altogether, but do your best to avoid any issues of conflict, keep your attitude positive, and avoid engaging yourself emotionally in conflict when it does arise. Your attitude is crucial–it affects your emotions. And your emotions ín turn, affect the energy field around you and simultaneously place your order with the universe for more of the same. The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things, daily tasks, and mundane chores that you have typically dreaded in the past. Why not challenge yourself to turn even those into opportunities for growth? Change your approach to taking...

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Your attitude can make or break almost any situation

Your attitude can make or break almost any situation. It’s the energy you bring into the room. You can have a positive attitude about the events in your life, or you can come from a place of complaint and misery. You decide. You can consciously choose to respond in a positive way to almost any event or circumstance– a positive attitude is simply a choice you make. 🌷 You can change your attitude and change your life. We all know people with negative attitudes. They are the ones who constantly complain, whine, and moan. Nothing seems to go right for them. They are the perpetual victims in life. They are unpleasant to be around, and they seem to quite literally “bring us down.” On the other hand, we also know people with positive attitudes–the ones who always seem to be happy, the ones who really seem to have a handle on things in their life. They are more fun, their energy feels great to be around, and they’re operating at a higher frequency. Good things always seem to “just come their way.” No wonder they are happy! 🌷Surround yourself with these positive, nourishing, uplifting people whenever you can. 🌷Spend your time with spiritually evolved people who love and support you in healthy ways–those who encourage your growth and applaud your successes. 🌷You may also want to consider finding a...

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Prayer and meditation are our connection to God, to our higher consciousness…

Prayer and meditation are our connection to God, to our higher consciousness… Take time each day to step away from the clutter and the noise. A daily commitment to spend time in this still, quiet place is a commitment to clarity and inner peace. 🌷🌷 You need this time and space in your life to remember who you really are, what is important, and where your personal truth lies. It is your time to calm the spirit and soothe your soul. It restores balance in your life, and it reconnects you to your source. 🌷🌷 It is through prayer, meditation, and contemplation that we are best able to hear our own inner voice. This is a time to pause and connect not only with God, but with ourselves and our creative subconscious mind. This time spent within nourishes us on the deepest levels physically, emotionally and spiritually. 🌷 The value of consistent prayer is not that God will hear you; but that YOU will hear HIM. So start praying to God daily, consciously and with full faith on his plan for you. 🌹 Wishing you Happy and Successful Friday! May you succeed in your life’s...

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101 Goals List…

101 Goals List… There are no limits on your dreams and goals. The whole world is out there just waiting for you. This is an excellent technique that you too can try. A great process for clarifying some of your more long term goals and dreams is to make a list of 101 goals that you would like to accomplish before you die — 101 things you would like to do, be, or have. At age 15, John Goddard, the world famous adventurer, made a list of 127 goals he wanted to achieve before he died. They included things like visiting the Great Pyramids, learning scuba diving, seeing the Great Wall of China, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and reading the entire Encyclopedia of Britannica. In his seventies, he had achieved 109 of the goals on his list. Similarly, in his late twenties, Lou Holtz, the former football coach of Notre Dame, wrote down 108 goals that he wanted to achieve, including winning a national championship, eating dinner at the White House, meeting the Pope, and landing a plane on an aircraft carrier. He is also in his seventies, and has achieved 102 of his goals. By writing down your own list of 101 goals and reviewing the list every week or so, you will activate the Law of Attraction to set up the circumstances that will help you to achieve...

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