Don’t Lead a Horse to Water; Make It Thirsty

Game changers don’t get bored. They seek out the things that fascinate them, and that make them want to leap out of bed in the morning. Without passion or purpose, there’s no happiness, so find the things you care about and devote your life to their pursuit.

Put passion before money, and success will follow — but don’t ignore the money, either.

Naveen Jain is a classic American Success Story. He came to United States as a student from India with 5 dollars in his pocket and rose to become the billionaire founder of seven companies.

His work has changed the game for information (his company Infospace was a major internet company), the solar system (he started Moon Express, which is sending the first robot miners to the moon), and he is now bringing his visionary approach to uncover the mysteries of human body with his company Viome.

Naveen wants more hours in a day. He sleeps for only four hours a night because he loves what he does and that’s all the sleep he requires.

At almost sixty, he is more energetic than most people at forty. He wakes up in the morning and jumps out of the bed because he’s so excited about what he might learn that day.

He says that the day you stop learning is the day you die and that most people who are bored are actually already dead. Where is the room for boredom with everything there is to see and learn in the world?

Remaining intellectually curious is one of the most important things you can do. Find one thing you are so obsessed with that you can’t sleep and will pursue that subject with all of your being.

To find out what you are obsessed with, imagine having everything you want in life. You have billions of dollars, a wonderful family, and everything else you want and need. Now what are you going to do?

Your true obsessions are the things you would pursue if you already had what you want in life, when it’s not about making money or reaching a goal.

In fact, making money should never be the goal. Instead, making money is a by-product of pursuing the things you care about. Making money is like having an orgasm: If you focus on it, you are never going to get it. But if you enjoy the process, you will eventually get there.

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