The Practice of

To feel competent to live and worthy of happiness, I need to experience a sense of control over my existence. This requires that I be willing to take responsibility for my actions and the attainment of my goals. This means that I take responsibility for my life and well being.

Self-responsibility is essential to self-esteem, and it is also a reflection or manifestation of self-esteem. The relationship between self-esteem and its pillars is always reciprocal. The practices that generate self-esteem are also natural expressions and consequences of self-esteem.

The practice of Self-resposibility entails the following realizations:

  • I am responsible for the achievement of my desires.
  • I am responsible for my choices and actions.
  • I am responsible for the level of consciousness I bring to my work.
  • I am responsible for the level of consciousness I bring to my relationships.
  • I am responsible for my behavior with other people — coworkers, associates, customers, spouse, children, friends.
  • I am responsible for how I prioritize my time.
  • I am responsible for the quality of my communications.
  • I am responsible for my personal happiness.
  • I am responsible for accepting or choosing the values by which I live.
  • I am responsible for raising my self-esteem.

What does each of these items imply in terms of behavior? We will see that in future posts.

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