Understanding The Human Ego continued…

Understanding The Human Ego continued

Unless you believe that there’s a Creator who has endowed us with unalienable rights, with an innate worth, you cannot very well believe in people.

You would automatically practice good human relations if you would remember that every individual is important, because every individual is a child of God.

This is also the only true basis for self-esteem. The person who realizes that they are something not because of what they have done or how good they have been, but by the grace of God endowing them with an innate worth, develops a healthy self-esteem.

The person who doesn’t realize this tries to gain significance by making money; gaining power or celebrity; or in other obvious ways. Not only are they what we call egotists, when we use that word in its negative sense, but their continual hunger for self-esteem is what causes most of the trouble in the world.

Four facts of life

  1. We are all egotists
  2. We are more interested in ourselves than in anything else.
  3. Every person you meet wants to feel important and to amount to something.
  4. There is a craving in everyone for the approval of others, so that he can approve of himself.

We are all ego-hungry. And it’s only when this ego is at least partially satisfied that we can forget ourselves; take our attention off ourselves and give it to something else. Only those who have learned to like themselves can be generous and friendly with others.

(Tomorrow I will share what makes people self-centered and conceited?)

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