Tithing really works!

Regardless of your current income, acknowledge your relationship with Universe (God) by giving 10% of your income to your Temple, Church, Community, or favorite Humanitarian Cause.

Just as a wise gardener prunes a growing tree to balance it and prepare it for greater growth, God encourages us to prune back our money trees by tithing.

If you simply Google it, you will find that all billionaires consciously donate 10% or more of the their income for their favorite charity purpose.

Another, critical thing for abundance is the attitude of gratitude and being in integrity.

In simple words, integrity is doing what you said you would do, in the time you said you would do. When you practice this, it brings work-ability in the lives of all people concerned.

Attitude of gratitude is simply being thankful and grateful for the things that you have in your life.

So if you intend to accomplish something really BIG in your life, start practicing these three things — tithing, being grateful, and being in integrity.

Govind Vedaprakash Shandilya
Numerologist at MyBirthSecrets
Author | Numerologist | Coach Law of Attraction
India's Most Popular and Trusted Numerologist and Mantra Expert from Bangalore