Year: 2019

Change the person in the mirror, and your world will change.

Change the person in the mirror, and your world will change. If you have followed the 26 magical practices to this point, you have changed! And even though it is sometimes hard to see the changes in yourself, you will have felt the change in your happiness, and you will have seen the change of improved circumstances in your life, and the magical changes in the world around you. You have practised the magical power of gratitude for your family and friends, for your work, money, and health, for your dreams, and even for the people you come across each day. But the person who deserves your gratitude more than anyone else is you. When you are grateful to be the person in the mirror, feelings of dissatisfaction, discontentment, disappointment, or I’m-not-good-enough completely disappear. And with them, every dissatisfying, discontenting, and disappointing circumstance in your life magically disappears too. Negative feelings about yourself cause the greatest damage to your life, because they are more powerful than any feelings you have about anything or anyone else. Wherever you go and whatever you do you take those negative feelings with you in every moment, and those feelings taint everything you touch, and they act as a magnet, attracting more dissatisfaction, discontentment, and disappointment with everything you do. When you are grateful to be you, you will only attract circumstances that make...

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Magically Transform Mistakes into Blessings

Magically Transform Mistakes into Blessings Every single mistake is a blessing in disguise. Today’s magical practice will prove it, because you’re about to discover that there are actually untold blessings hidden within every mistake! A child makes many mistakes while learning how to ride a bike or write, and we don’t give it a second thought because we know that through their mistakes they will learn and eventually master what they’re trying to do. So why is it that adults are so hard on themselves when they make a mistake? The same rule that applies to children also applies to you. We all make mistakes, and if we didn’t make them we’d never learn anything, and we wouldn’t grow any smarter or any wiser. We have the freedom to make our own choices, and that means we have the freedom to make mistakes. Mistakes can hurt, but if we don’t learn from the mistake we’ve made, the pain we’ve suffered from it has been for nothing. In fact, by the law of attraction, we will make the same mistake over and over again, until the consequences hurt us so much that we finally learn from it! It’s the very reason why mistakes hurt, so that we do learn from them and don’t make them repeatedly. To learn from a mistake, we first have to own it, and this is...

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Cue The Magic

Cue The Magic Today’s practice, Cue The Magic, is one of my favourite practices, because it’s a game you play with the Universe, and it’s a lot of fun! Imagine that the Universe is friendly and caring and that it wants you to have everything you want in life. Because the Universe can’t just walk up and hand you what you want, it uses the law of attraction to give you signs and cues to help you receive your dreams. The Universe knows you have to feel gratitude to bring forth your dreams, so it plays its part in the game by giving you personal cues to remind you to be grateful. It uses the people, circumstances, and events that surround you in your day as your magic cues to be grateful. It works like this: If you hear an ambulance siren, the magic cue from the Universe is to be grateful for perfect health. If you see a police car, your magic cue is to be grateful for safety and security. If you see someone reading a newspaper, it’s your magic cue to be thankful for great news. If you want to change the weight of your body, when you see another person with your perfect weight, it’s your magic cue from the Universe to be thankful for your perfect weight. If you want a romantic partner, when...

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Gratitude is the memory of the heart.

Gratitude is the memory of the heart You might have figured out by now that with any magical practice of gratitude the aim is always to feel it as much as you can. This is because when you increase the feeling of gratitude on the inside, the things you have to be grateful for in the outside world increase too. Eventually, after practising gratitude for a long period of time, you will automatically feel it deeply in your heart. However, today’s magical practice will collapse the time it would normally take for you to reach that level. The Heart Magic practice is designed to powerfully increase the depths that you feel gratitude, by focusing your mind on the area of your heart as you say and feel the magic words thank you. Scientific research has shown that by focusing on your heart as you feel gratitude, the rhythm of your heart immediately becomes much more even and harmonious, resulting in major improvements to your immune system and health. That gives you an idea of the power of Heart Magic. It takes a little practice the first time you try it, but it is worth the effort. After a few times you will get it, and each time you practice it your feeling of gratitude will increase exponentially. To practice Heart Magic, focus your mind and your attention on the...

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Here is how your New Year 2019 will go!

Here is how your New Year 2019 will go! Simply add your month and date of birth to 3 and further add the digits till you get a single digit. Also notice the two digit number just before the final single digit — especially if it is 14, 16 or 19. For example, if you are born on July 12, then you would total 7+1+2+3=13= 1+3= 4. Now read the description against number 4. What is in store for you in 2019? 1. After a lot of things, people and arrangements that have moved away from your life last year, this year brings an opportunity to start afresh. New people, new environment await to welcome you. It could even be old wine in a new bottle. Whatever you have been planning to start for the last couple of years, weeks or even days; now is the time to START.Opportunities missed in 2019 may show up again only in 2028. So stop procrastinating and get into inspired actions. 2. Whatever you began in 2018, this is the time to nurture that idea or project. Be like a hen sitting on her eggs. Keep things to yourself. This year you must cooperate and wait for the developments to take place. Stop pushing things. The Love is in the air. 3. This is a time to have fun. Plan your long-pending vacation....

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