Compatibility Remedial Measures

Improve Compatibility with Remedial Measures

Did you know that a ‘Right Business Name’ and a ‘Compatible Business Partner’ could make you a Fortune?

Even if you have a great business name, but missed the compatibility check it could result in failure. The incompatible partnership could result into non-performance, fights, cheating, loss of money and opportunities and frustration.

When you fail to understand your business partner, ask for the Partner Compatibility Report. The detailed study will throw up light on strengths & weaknesses and possible future event in individual partner’s Lives. Based on this the corrective actions and remedies will be suggested to improve the overall performance. The remedies could include but not limited to name correction and gemstone therapy.

As a result of taking remedial steps, you could save substantial amount of time, money and frustration.

You will have 100% clarity about Personal Compatibility & Non-Compatibility with your partner. Most of all, you will also know about the corrective remedies. As a result, there would be an opportunity to improve the quality of partnership. Furthermore, in economy package you will receive one year predictions for each partner.

In popular package, you will get 2 year predictions; whereas the premium report included 4-year predictions for each partner. Consequently when you apply the remedies and take corrective actions; you would definitely experience better and desired results.

A Person can lie but Numbers will reveal the truth

Very few people are conscious of the degree to which names and numbers influence the human communications and progress. Every thing is named and numbered. Houses are numbered — Streets — Telephones — Calendar — Clocks — Birthdays — Contracts and Statistics are written and tabulated in figures and numbers concerning every daily undertaking. We live in mathematical world and do not realize it. In the same way, our names are numbered–for every letter of the alphabet has a number corresponding to its position and orderly relationship to the 26 letters forming the alphabet.

Every poem, novel, love letter, business communication, resume, or expression of romance and emotional is transcribed through the means of the alphabet and its 26 letter. There is no other means of communication — nor escape from this mathematical tabulation of mankind’s interests, desires and ambitions. Remember a person can lie but numbers will reveal the truth.