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Remember the proverb–“Stitch in time saves nine”

Mr. Govind Valmikki Shandilya is available for Numerology and Feng Shui consultations in person from Indiranagar office. Contact us for Super Success. Kindly schedule your appointment for the mutually convenient time.

Contact us for Super Success: +91.9900063216Contact us for Super Success| |

Timings: 10.00 am till 9.00 pm. Additional hours available on request. Open 7 days a week. For Your Convenience take an Appointment. Call now +91.9900063216.

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Career Opportunities

App Developers: If you are an App Developer or if know an App developer kindly contact me for the new assignments on the App Development. I would like to have apps for Mac OS, Windows, Android, and Blackberry phones and tablets. If you are open for joint venture; that too would be appreciated.

ATM Developers & Manufacturers: If you are Developing and Manufacturing ATM machines, kindly contact me for the new assignments. We would like to deploy self-service automated Prediction Systems in public places. If you are open for joint venture; that too would be appreciated.

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Numerology Apps for Android Phones & Tabs:

For people who can’t afford my consultation or who would like to first check out my wisdom before investing into consultation with me I have developed several FREE Numerology Applications that are currently available for Android Smart Phones and tablets only.

Please feel free to download these apps and use them as long as you wish. There are no hidden charges.

Download Free Numerology Apps for Smart Phones & Tablets