How do I know you’re a genuine Numerologist?

The short answer is – you don’t, well, not until you have actually met me! Getting a Numerology reading is a personal decision and I encourage you to do your own research before consulting me. It’s more important to me that you have a positive psychic experience.

Of course, you could read over 35 testimonials/online reviews about me on Google. Just search ‘Numerologist, Bangalore’ in Google. This is my calling, not a side-job or hobby. If you didn’t know, I am National Scholar in Design & Illustration and a graduate from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (1979 batch) who also did design for over 20 years successfully. Now I have handed over that business to my son fully and focus on study, research, teaching and consulting as a Numerologist, Palmist, and Feng Shui Expert.

Since 1994, I have read for over ten thousands of people and the reviews speak for themselves – see my Testimonials page. This is not a forgiving industry, especially in Bangalore, India where you find Numerologists and Astrologers in every nook and corner.

Clients will never come back and refer their friends if they didn’t find value for their own reading. I am blessed to have hundreds of return clients and an excellent reputation. Just ask around, or check out my facebook page

How much do you charge for a Numerology Consultation?

You could choose from Economy, Popular and Premium package. Click here to know more about it.


When is the best time to have a reading?

If you have found my website or details, then you are ready for a reading with me. I mainly work with people who are at major turning points and are about to make leaps of faith. They are looking for guidance on issues that will have a long-term impact on their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual futures.

From a numerology perspective, a reading within a few months of your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you enter a new Personal Year. When you are at crossroads in your life and unsure about your decision; it’s time to meet me.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in Numerology or not. The 99% of my repeat clients didn’t believe in it till they took a chance with me.

How often should I have readings?

It depends on what you are going through. I do in-depth psychic readings, which include a 12 month forecast (in standard Package), so most people see me between 1-2 times in a year.

For Premium Offering, I include predictions for 60 months.

However, I do work with clients as a spiritual coach, teaching them to meditate, to connect with Guides and to develop their psychic abilities – in these instances, a session every 2 months is perfect. (Read more about Ultimate Package here)

If you are looking for weekly readings, I suggest that you participate in my 2-days Ultra-intensive Numerology Workshops and learn to do readings for yourself (e.g. through the reference material I give you during the workshop), and to supplement these experiences with professional psychic readings every now and then.

Who are your clients?

My customers come from all walks of life. They’re entrepreneurs, IT professionals, Young Parents, People who are looking forward to get married, teachers, tarot card experts, healers, therapists, business men, scientists, managers, real estate agents, accountants, doctors, lawyers, nurses, government workers, and students. Most live in Bangalore, but many come from Mumbai, Delhi, Guwahati, Chennai, Hyderabad and Nagpur. I also have overseas customers—especially Indians who are settled abroad, and people from Pakistan, UAE, Africa and Russia.

Most of my clients have seen other psychic, numerologists and astrologers before they have consulted me, very few have experienced in-depth palmistry or numerology. These techniques take years to master, and the results speak for themselves – they are repeatable, accurate and scientific.

Due to the need to prepare a detailed chart and calculation, I suggest you keep 2-3 hrs in hand when you come for a consultation. You can’t rush quality.

Optionally, you could book your appointment 3 days in advance by depositing the fee in advance and sending me your birth details. That way you would save about an hour of your precious time.

A reading with me gives you the power to make the most of life’s opportunities. It certainly makes sense to check your cosmic forecast before making major decisions where the stakes are really high. This is something that people in India have done for centuries. The system I use provides you with the best months and years to take action on your goals. Everything is recorded, so you can monitor the predictions for yourself.

What results have your clients experienced?

• All customers leave my office knowing that their gut instincts were trustworthy. They are left confident and fully satisfied for the direction and the guidance they get through the systematic and thorough reading during the consultation.
• New business opportunities appear as predicted.
• Job offers turn up as forecast (to the month), even for skeptic IT professionals.
• People start connecting dots with regard to their past events and then automatically take inspired actions to fulfill on the predictions. People say, I am an expert in numbers and can explain numbers in their lives succinctly and easily.
• People are left with 100% clarity regarding what actions to take on their pressing issues.
• Many have got married based on my advice and even after decades of marriage I am being blessed and spoken about almost daily for that wonderful marriage.
• Increased financial flow and peace around money; improved business or better opportunities at work. Many people have reported their promotions, foreign trips, more income within months of name correction.
• Improved physical wellbeing after releasing stuck energy.
• Relief of writer’s block after just one session.
• Successful house sales and/ or house moves.
• Improved relationships between family members, especially between spouses, parents and children.

How do I know these results weren’t simply self-fulfilling prophecies?

Because I can describe past events in as much detail as potential future ones. Your life story is already written, the moment you are born. The best part is God has given us a FREEWILL to either just survive through that story or participate in that life drama, fully prepared and playing our part with 100% clarity, intention and preparedness – it pays to find out what’s your story and role in this drama called LIFE!

Sound exciting? Book a reading with me, or SMS/WhatsApp me on +91.9900063216 with any queries.

If psychic ability is a gift, and the best things are always FREE, why do you charge for readings?

Simple–because we are living in a material world and my employees need to get salary, my landlord needs to get his rent, the BESCOM needs to be paid for electricity and several other vendors for water, food, stationery, internet, for keeping the office meticulously clean etc. and in the end I have bills to pay like everyone else. Not only that, I believe that the idea psychics and healers should work for free is a form of energetic and political suppression. How can you do your best work when you can’t even meet your basic needs?

I’ve also noticed that people don’t value free stuff – they’re less likely to follow through on advice they haven’t paid for. Over the past four years, I’ve answered almost one thousand queries on facebook, and most of those people never sent even a “thank you” note.

It is really interesting to note that many people who begged me for FREE consultation; or who got their FRIENDS to pay for their consultation as they couldn’t afford my fee called me within 2-3 days of consultation from the jeweler’s shop asking me about the size of the gemstone they were buying. (The gemstones would easily cost at least 2-3 times my consultation fee.)

In contrast, my paid readings and workshop clients frequently send amazing feedback, which keeps me constantly inspired. They also refer my services to their best friends and relatives.

Why do you include my past? I just want to know my future?

I always discuss key turning points in your life to date (including specific ages, years and months), to give the reading credibility. A genuine Numerologist should be able to describe your history in detail, otherwise why would you believe they can read your future? The accurate reading of your past, helps YOU to believe in the forecast and take inspired actions to fulfill the same.

Why do you charge more than other psychic readers?

Because I give a lot, and I’m here to transform the psychic industry, not burn out from overwork. I am here to transform the listening about “Numerology” in the society. I’m also married, and have a spouse and 2 grown up children to support in their upbringing, college education, marriage etc, which necessitates a price rise. At this stage of my career, I work with people ready to invest in their spirituality, not those looking for last-minute fixes or quick-fix solutions.

When I do something, I do it properly and thoroughly. The peace of mind you receive from a genuine reading is priceless. Most of my sessions are 2hrs to 3hrs long. That’s not including the time I spend daily meditating, exercising, healing myself, studying, researching and getting coached for delivering the best to each of my customers. I read a lot about life, science of being, law of attraction, un-breakable laws of success, successful family and marriage, numerology, palmistry and alternative healing processes. Every year I consciously participate in Educational Seminars for minimum of 100 days to ensure that I am fully prepared to answer each and every query of my client to the best of my knowledge. And they get MORE USE value than the cash value I receive.

That said, I’m aware that most clients need time to save for their sessions, which is why I offer a INR 5K deposit policy, with the remainder due 1 week prior our appointment.

In the end, you get what you pay for. I deliver top quality readings because I can energetically afford to – I only do a handful of sessions a week, so I don’t have to hold back. That means that you get 100% of my attention when we’re working together.

I just want a numerology reading, can you give me a discount?

Yes. In 2016 I am trialing a numerology only reading, which is INR 4500 less than my standard initial reading, which includes numerology analysis without any remedy suggestions.

Do I need to prepare for the reading?

Yes. I need your birth name, current name, date of birth. The details of what is required are sent through WhatsApp to you once your booking is confirmed. You are welcome to write a list of questions to ask during the reading, we can go through these on the day.

Please have a sufficient sleep a night before, drink at least 2 litres of mineral water on the day of the reading, avoid alcohol for 24-48 hours prior to the session and keep no other engagement for at least 3 hrs. I request each client to put their phone on ‘Airplane Mode’ during the consultation. It will help you grasp each and every revelation about you during the session—remember it’s not just a reading; it’s YOUR LIFE.

What conditions are needed for a clear reading-especially if want to have a Skype or Phone call reading?

Please ensure that you are in a private room when taking the Skype or phone call. Pets are fine as long as they won’t distract you. If you have children, I recommend hiring a babysitter so that you can fully relax during the session. Or we can conduct your reading in the morning or evening when they are asleep. It’s best to eat before a reading in case the session goes overtime – hunger or thirst makes it harder for both of us to concentrate.

Can I record the reading?

Absolutely – when you are having a face to face consultation in person, you can record your session for free using your mobile phone.

How to record the conversation on my smartphone?

Firstly, please put your phone on Flight or Plane mode, to ensure that we are not interrupted. Unfortunately, if you use Silent rather than Flight mode, the recording will stop when someone calls. On an iPHone look for the Utilities folder and an app called Voice Memos. On a Samsung phone, look for an app called Voice Recorder.


How do I purchase a backup recording?

I offer a professionally delivered recorded version of the detailed report for people who choose Standard or Premium consultation. You could save it in your phone and listen to it daily to get the real grip on your life path and destiny. Listening to this acts as a catalyst and helps in achieving your goals faster and quicker.

You can Paypal or bank transfer INR 3500 to me and I will email you a link via DropSend, usually within a week of receiving this payment. The file will need to be downloaded within 14 days, otherwise the link will expire.

What happens if I need to postpone my reading after booking a time-slot and paying a deposit?

As long as you give me 72 hours notice by phone or email, I can rebook you at no charge. However if you give less than 72 hours notice, there is a INR 3500 administration fee as I can’t always refill your spot in this time frame. It’s also an inconvenience as I may have prepared your chart already. I may choose to waive this fee in emergency circumstances, but not for the change of mind.

Why do you hand write my chart instead of using a computer program like other numerologists?

It’s my way of tuning in. As I write out your life purpose, turning points and name numerology, I receive useful impressions that help me prepare for your session. I think of these charts as love letters from your Soul. They are a summary of your original Soul or Akashic Contract, consider it as the Job Description you agreed to when you came to Earth. As I write your chart by hand; I can actually visualize your future clearly—may be due to my training as a Visual Design expert.


I’m scared of having a psychic reading in case you tell me something negative

There’s no way around this – sometimes the guidance I receive for you is going to challenge your expectations. Isn’t that why you’re having a reading? To find out what you don’t know you don’t know?

I believe that GOD has given us life to enjoy every moment of it; and to contribute to society and people in our lives. So I focus only on, remedies and ways to improve your life. I have done a huge amount of personal growth work and training as a Holistic Counselor, which means that no matter what I say in the reading, I will give you practical ways of moving through any blocks. I never leave my clients in the lurch.

I never predict death or life expectancy (I believe some things are between you and God). However if I see signs in your numerology, palmistry about possible illnesses etc.; I do mention these so that you could take pre-emptive and responsive steps in that direction.