Feng Shui Consulting for Prosperity

Feng Shui Consulting for Prosperity

Feng Shui Consulting
Om Shrim Mahalakshmiye Swaha.Living more prosperously can start right now. When you wakeup review your good fortune. When you go to sleep, say thank you for all your blessings. Freedom comes more easily from relaxing and being happy within than it does from a relentless pursuit of more money…

When you come to terms with your relationship to money and balance the core issues you have about money it allows your life to be rich and money to flow. Using my expertise in feng shui I deliver solutions to increase your wealth potential.

When you consult for feng shui I will show you how your innermost thought processes can either support or sabotage your best efforts to raise your level of financial well being. In the safe private consultation I will analyse your thoughts, behavioral patterns and help you achieve the desired abundance.

The consultation includes:

1. Defining your goals and Identifying key ‘power spots’ in your home
2. Correcting feng shui problem
3. Adding specific wealth enhancements

As the result of the consultation I assure you that your understanding of your relationship between feng shui and prosperity will be lifted to an entirely a new level. The concrete steps and practices provided can lift your consciousness and catapult you to a higher experience of wealth.

During the consultation you will also discover whether you are truly open to receive what you desire; how letting go of attachment can impact what you receive; why jealousy, envy, shame keep you from experiencing the wealth you desire; what your financial habits reveal about your ability to care for and nature yourself. You will also understand why the true meaning of ‘Wealth Corner’ encompasses every kind of blessing whether financial in nature or not; and why learning to let go of your worry, anxiety and doubts is the key to a happy rewarding life.

Feng Shui Consulting

Guiding Principles

  • Know what you want
  • Locate your power spots
  • Create a Path for Chi
  • Refund repair and revue
  • Clean up your clutter
  • Activate Neutralize negative influences
  • Activate your power spots
  • Work on yourself as well as your home
  • Evaluate your result.

The Inner Path

  • Receive
  • Give
  • Nurture
  • Trust
  • Express
  • Observe
  • Begin
  • Complete

Cashflow Rituals

  • Collecting Coins
  • Collecting Water
  • Wealth Vase
  • Money Tree
  • Seed Money
  • Money Spiral