Feng Shui for Prosperity Workshop

A must program for creating wealth & abundance using time tested ancient principles & techniques of Feng Shui.

A 3-session program for creating REAL WEALTH. It offers important keys for transforming your outer and inner worlds to help achieve true abundance. The insightful recommendations could quickly double your revenues. Designed for Mind, Home, Business and Spirit. Step by step you will learn the ancient methods for Success, providing healthy financial regimen that can rearrange your life.

What will be covered during the workshop?

The topics that will be covered in this workshop include:

  • In this workshop you will learn everything that you must know about the Feng Shui Principles that when followed meticulously will result in you achieving your financial goals as well as better health and peace of mind.
  • By the time you reach 4th session, each participant will find many areas of life responding and many experiencing magical increase in the flow of income.
  • Your relationship with money will be altered permanently.
  • Each participant will be required to look at what is missing in their life and then set goals that you would like to achieve out of your participation in this Powerful Program.
  • Over the sessions each participant will learn to energize own life, possessing it and creating fame and recognition for self or whatever YOU are interested in.
  • The program is designed in 3 parts. In part 1, you will learn the Guiding Principles of Feng Shui. The Part 2 will teach you about the Inner or Spiritual Aspect of Prosperity. In Part 3, we will deal with Cash Flow rituals.

Schedule: Every Wednesday starting from August 26, 2015 till Sept 9, 2015

Time: 7.00 pm till 10.00 pm.

Venue: TBA

Tuition: Rs. 35,000 per participant. Book your seat by paying just Rs. 5000/- and pay the Balance on or before August 19, 2015

Discounts: Additional participant pays Rs. 25,000/- when registered along with the Primary participant. Register 2 weeks in advance and get a discount of Rs. 5000/- for the primary participant and Rs. 2500 for the second participant.

How to register: You can pay by Cash, Cheque, Credit card or On-line Bank Transfer. To know the bank account details, please WhatsApp your requests on +91.9900063216.