YOU deserve to have the best that life has to offer. You deserve to earn MORE than you are currently earning. Numerology has solutions and remedies that can be applied to YOUR Unique Life Situations.

Since 1994 I have already served over 15,000 customers across the globe. Therefore you definitely have an advantage when you choose to consult me.

  • Personal Consultations usually last for 2-3 hours and that includes detailed analysis of your Past, Present and Future.
  • Based on the analysis, the remedies such as name correction, gemstone, fasting and meditation etc are suggested.
  • Finally, after the consultation, you will receive the detailed numerology analysis report compiled specially for you.
  • Furthermore when you discover the story in your name, your affairs will no longer be left to chance or hit or miss.
  • Call me for Numerology Consultation on +91.9900063216 NOW!