Why consult a Professional Numerologist

When the name is right, even the tea-seller boy becomes the Prime Minister of India; and a bus conductor becomes a Super Star. We all know about the fisher-man’s son who became the Great Scientist and the President of the Country.

Similarly when the name is wrong or when their is misalignment of numbers; even the Prime Minister’s son continues to struggle.


Significance of a Name that is in sync with Date of Birth

  • The Life Path number that is derived from DOB signifies the major lessons to be learned from this life.
  • The Expression number that is derived from the full name reveals the person’s potential natural abilities.
  • The Soul Urge derived from the total of vowels in the full name clarifies the inner motivations of the individual.
  • If the same number repeats on these core elements, more than 2 times; it can create problems in the life.
  • Then there are modifiers that include Karmic Debt numbers, Karmic lessons, intensity points and non-supportive growth number.
  • There may special cases without any Karmic lessons.
  • On the other hand, there can be 4 or more Karmic Lessons—especially undesired Karmic lessons 1, 5 or 9.

It is but a simple common sense that all these numbers mentioned above must be worked out carefully such that they are supporting to each other. That would ensure a successful life. And it takes an understanding of each of these elements and serious concentrated work of up to 3 hrs to finalize the name that is most suitable for given DOB.

Needless to say, the names given without considerations of the above elements could become the cause of unnecessary frustrations, loss of time and money, bad health and tensions for people in your life throughout the life-time.

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