Are you planning to recruit a Senior Employee for your business?

Did you know that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions? A poor hiring decision for candidate earning INR 100,000 per year could cost on average INR 250,000 to the company.

Moreover, many people do not reveal their real purpose of seeking job with your company. For many employees, it could be just a stop gap arrangement till they get better job. Sometimes, people are waiting for getting travel visa or appointment letter from foreign company, so they simply join you for a short period without revealing this to you.

You as an employer invest lot of time and money in their training and just when you think that the employee is ready to deliver, he/she resigns. Hence to avoid such a costly mistake, get New Employee Compatibility report before issuing appointment letter to new recruit.

Looking at employee’s DOB and name numbers, I can tell you how long will this person last in your company. What is happening in his/her personal life? How will that affect his/her performance at work? Should you really hire such a person etc.? When you ask for 5-year predictions; you will know beforehand if you should be sending him for expensive training programs. You will have full clarity while planning for employee growth too. You will have confidence about your investment in the employee—especially when you are hiring a senior person.

This small investment will save you BIG way in terms of lost opportunity, time, money and frustration.

The Analysis includes Personal Compatibility & Non-Compatibility between him and the company. For economy package the report includes 1 year prediction, while in popular package you will get 2-year predictions. The Premium Package report includes 4-year predictions.