What is included in Numerology Report?

1. The report is based on the corrected name and your correct DOB

2. Each report is compiled exclusively based on your unique DOB and the unique chosen full name.

3. The text is written in simple English and is addressed to you. Even a student of 7th standard can understand the language used.

4. This report is typically 25-120 pages depending on the consultation packages chosen.

5. It includes key information such as,

  • Meaning of your Corrected Name; What must be your life long goal; your Life’s Purpose explained
  • What do you want to be and do; your secret desires revealed; lucky colours for attracting friends; love affairs.
  • Interpretation of your Maturity number; Your ultimate goal in life.
  • Your Personality; how others see you.
  • Table of Intensity & Karmic Lessons; Specialized traits of your character; How you differ from others; Vocational Pointers
  • Planes of Expression; Type and temperament; Peculiarities of Temperament and aptitude.
  • Interpretation of your Life Path number; Your Character and Natural Abilities; Negative Expression that you must consciously avoid; Karmic Debt (if any); Suitable Vocations.
  • Your Hidden Challenge and undeveloped Talents; Remedies for converting the challenge into strength.
  • The current Pinnacle: Timing the Future; The opportunities and the road ahead.
  • The interpretation of your birth date. Includes details of ruling planet and it’s impact on your life and day-to-day behaviour, precautions you must take, weak and strong periods in a year, good dates & days, favourable colours, meditation, deity & mantra, yantra, precious stone, ritual for wearing your lucky gemstone, Health and Diseases and remedies including fasting; etc.

You will receive the detailed numerology report within 8-12 hrs of completing the consultation. Report is sent as a  PDF file.

I suggest that you take a print out and get it wiro bound for easy read. Read the report completely several times. Then we can connect again over the phone to clarify your doubts if any.