Sexual Relationship Compatibility & Numerology

Woman and man – form two different worlds. To be together, they need more information and understanding to comprehend each other and accept differences among themselves. Through understanding and care for each other, love and tenderness, many problematic situations in life can be solved.

In real life, however, many people enter into alliances, often facing away from what they dream and want from their life partners. As a result; many marriages fall apart due to non-compatibility issues; leaving scars and bad memories in the lives of not only the couple but also in the lives of their respective families.

Compatibility analysis between two people who intend to get married help in understanding the following:

  • Will this partnership be harmonious, happy and long lasting?
  • What will be the quality of your romantic and sexual relationship with each other?
  • Should you go ahead with the partnership/marriage at all in the first place?
  • What are the remedies to improve the quality of the romantic and sexual relationship?

If the persons are already in a relationship: Then this compatibility analysis will help in understanding each other’s characters in the compatibility point of view. You will know where do you differ from each other and then as long as you stop changing each other in those areas and learn to live together in-spite of those differences; you can do extremely well in that relationship.

For example:

Suppose you are a woman with life path vibration 4 and want to start a relationship with a man with life path 5. As a woman with LP 4, you attract a sociable man (LP5), but deep down, you prefer peace and stability. The man with the vibration numbers Life Path 5 is always eager for change, freedom and adventure. He needs to be admired, respected and approved. Without knowing his true nature, you will feel that he is unstable, too drawn and do not pay enough attention to you. You will feel uncomfortable. And it can contribute to constant quarrels and misunderstandings. As a result, the harmony in the relationship will not work.

However, if you knew from the beginning about his nature through his Life Path 5, you would understand that you have a much better chance to establish a pleasant relationship with a man with the Life Path number 6—always hardworking and reliable—instead of man with Life Path 5. Man with Life Path 6 will be striving for a stable relationship and will be loving and selfless.

The numbers play important role in our sexual life also. They help you unlock what you should seek out in your sex life. Discover how the numbers and inner desire of sexual urge are inter-related. By following this path, you are less likely to make bad choices in love and have great relationships, too.
Stop wasting your time and energy to advance the doomed relationships! To know more, get your detailed compatibility analysis done with me ASAP.

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