Master Numerologist Certification

You must register minimum 1 week in advance for the 2-days Ultra intensive workshop | WhatsApp your registration requests on +91.9900063216.

A must program for all numerologists to gain confidence of your clients

Master Numerologist Certification course is open for “Our Graduates of Ultra-intensive Numerology Workshops & other practicing Numerologists.”


What will be covered during the 3-days workshop?

  • Day 1: Revisit to all important Concepts in Numerology including Valmikki Method with 2-3 case studies of Super Successful People.
  • Day 2: Written examination on the Core Concepts of Numerology.
  • Day 3: Written examination on 3 case-studies from real life.
  • When you score 90% and above, you will get a “Certificate of Master Numerologist”
  • If you fall short of the score, you can re-appear for exam within 30-days for a fee of just Rs. 5000/-


Advantages and Benefits

  • Qualify to be promoted under the banner of ‘MyBirthSecrets
  • Increased visibility with new clients
  • You will get training and tools to systemize your calculations for effective predictions.
  • You will be taught the other “Secret Actions—That would increase your ability to predict effectively”
  • Enjoy credibility in the market
  • Earn increased income from on-line customers.
  • Participate as co-authors for future publications

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the First week of the every month.
Time: 9.30 am till 7.00 pm with breaks in between.
Tuition fee:  Rs. 27,500/- or USD 411.
Registration: You must register for the course minimum 7 days in advance.
Discounts: When you register for the course 20 days or more in advance you are eligible for a discount of Rs. 5000/-
Study Material: Rs. 2500 for the printed notes. Rs. 2000 for the soft-copy

Download Free Numerology Apps for Smart Phones & Tablets

Predictive Numerology
Use this App to get daily, monthly & yearly unique predictions based on your DOB & Full name.

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Karmic Numerology
Are you looking for Free Numerology Reading?
Download this app “Karmic Numerology” from Google Play Store. It gives an excellent analysis of your numbers.

And also, if you are looking for remedies; please call me on +91.9900063216.

Purpose Numerology
This app helps you understand your life’s purpose–The long term goal that you must be working for.