Baby Name Numerology: A Unique 5-step Process

Unique naming process to ensure Happiness, Health, Wealth and Success?

Step 1:In Baby Name Numerology consultation we first analyze the in-born and natural talents of your baby. We also look at the only opportunities that will come in your baby’s life. We will then identify the type of work your baby is most suitable and fit to handle?

I will also explain the unique challenges your baby has to work on to convert them into strengths? I will explain you step by step in detail and you have a choice to record the entire conversation in your smart phone.

Step 2: Then we look at what other names will be included in baby’s FULL NAME– such as father’s name and family name. I will explain you the significance and positive impact of having those included in the full name.

Every alphabet has a definite meaning and creates unique and recurring pattern of events that shapes your child’s destiny. The choice of alphabets also impact the Events that your child will have to deal with year after year.

Step 3:During the Baby Name Numerology consultation I will also then explain you the adverse impact of the Karmic Debt and Karmic Lessons (if found) on your baby’s chart. And I will also give you the Remedies for the same.

Step 4: Then I will explain you about the FOUR Core Numbers–Life Path, Expression, Heart’s Desire, and Maturity.

I will also explain what we need to do to ensure Perfect Harmony amongst these core numbers that would ensure a smooth passage for your child to his/her ultimate goal, purpose and destiny.

Step 5: Based on the specifications we will then look at various names that you would have come with.

List of Baby Names

Remember, you could use our database of over 20000 names for short-listing the names for your baby. It is recommended that Parents–especially the mother must take initiative in choosing names for her baby. I suggest you come prepared with a list of at least 30 names. We will look at up-to 10-20 names and choose the best from those. Just in case none of the names form your list work out, we will then see if a spelling correction will help. If even that doesn’t work out, we will look at another up-to 20 names. We will continue to work until we find minimum 3 names that suit your baby.

We will then further compare these selected names to see which one is the best. However, I would leave the final choice to parents. I only assist in the analysis and telling you the impact of each name. The entire process requires 2-3 hours of serious and interactive work. Finally, you can also choose to have a detailed report especially compiled for your baby for the name that is finalized.

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Baby Name Process

  • It’s suggested that you come with a list of at least 15-20 names for your child. Preferably the names selected by mother. Then choices of the father. Then the choices of other family members and friends etc.
  • Based on the DOB, we will first identify the natural strengths, talents, opportunities and challenges for your baby.
  • Then we’ll look at the predetermined elements in your baby’s Full Name- such as Father’s name and/ or Family Name.
  • Based on that we will define the criteria for the first name; that will ensure not just success but Super Success for your baby.
  • When you choose to take consultation with me, you have an advantage of getting the name designed based on our unique Valmikki Method not available anywhere in the world.
  • Once the name is finalised, you will receive the detailed numerology report for your child that is in real sense a User’s Guide for your baby. You can use this report for up to 35 years for your baby’s upbringing.
  • Each report is unique and especially compiled for your baby based on the unique DOB and unique Full Name.

Note: The consultation process lasts for up to 3 hrs. You can pay by cash or credit card for the consultation.