Unique Teaching Methodology

What makes these classes so special?

People are shocked and surprised when told that they could learn the numerology in just two days. Yet the truth is–YES and YES. My students have graduated with full smiles in just two days. Let me share with you the real secret. We start with your NAME and your DOB. Each concept is explained using that data. It speeds up the understanding of each concept. You are taught to calculate manually step-by-step.

It may be the first time when you are engaged in discovering about yourself for 2 full-days at a stretch. The revelations and insights that you will have can be put to use in your life almost instantly.

By the end of the workshop you have a clear understanding of the Principles of Numerology. You also have an understanding of yourself like never before. Your queries are answered patiently to complete satisfaction. You will be taught a formula to decode any date of birth and name and to predict the future.

You will also receive a reference material for future use.In fact 90% of the course is completed in the day one. You are expected to complete assignments before you show up for the next day. These assignments bring to surface lot of questions in your mind. These are answered and clarified for the first half on the next day.

Then I teach my unique “Valmikki Method” that allows you to design names that virtually guarantee Super Success for your client. Most of all each person is taught how to name a Baby? How to judge relationship for success? How to do a name correction? How to do accurate predictions? How to prescribe a particular gemstone based on Numerology?

Finally you get Certificate of Participation. Each participant is encouraged to share his/her experience of the class.


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