Creation of “Vision & Mission” for your business

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission Creation for your business for clarity of purpose. We use the unique methodology to articulate your values and purpose of business. You may want to pattern your business mission and vision after a twelve-word universal statement. It’s an expression of leadership that deals mainly with what is being entrusted to you as a leader and manager.

The business vision and mission statement must serve leaders of organizations as their expression of vision and sense of stewardship. To be functional, it must be short so that the people can memorize and internalize them. While it appears to be contradictory; it must deal with all aspects of responsibility, with the long and short run.

We use a unique methodology to help you draft your company Vision and Mission Statement fulfills your distinctive requirement. This is typically a four hours process. All key decision makers (max. number restricted to 4) must be present throughout the process. All mobile phones must be “switched off” during these four hours. (No exceptions to this rule!)

Consultation Fee: Rs. 35000/-

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