Career Numerology

Are you tired of job-hopping? Is the job instability on your resume costing you the dream job? Are you confused about your career?

“The people who win are not necessarily the smartest people, but they’re the people who are able to sustain drive, commitment, passion and engagement.”

–David Maister, Management Consultant.

A precursor to sustaining Passion is finding “it.”

But in many cases, people are not very good at guessing what they like. The fear of being a square peg in a round hole is often lying low in the minds of even responsible men and women. To be assured of one’s future in the business world–right from the start is a dream almost too good to be believed in. This can happen for you, and right now.

There is a way…

The Vocation is a True Summons or Calling and there is no question of choice; we simply answer the summons.

In making a choice for the career many things are to be carefully considered and probably the most important of these the Expression number. While the Expression does not represent the sum of all your capabilities, it gives the clue to what you can do most easily and naturally. This must be immediately referred to the Corner Stone and Key number because if the foundation upon which you build your Expression is not adapted to its requirements; the whole structure will be shaky. If the key does not fit the lock of the door you are the daily passing through, one or the other must be changed for the sake of security.

Heart’s Desire and Ruling Passion could be excluded initially, as what you can do does not always coinside with what you long to do or with what you find the most pleasure in doing; if it does, so much better, for then you will enjoy your job wholeheartedly. You must consider your Equipment rather than your Desire and then your Opportunities.

The next number to check is your Life Path that is the only direction for you to go and only there you will find the chance to market your abilities and capabilities.

The next number to consider is your birth-date, since this number is on your Life Path, you are subject its influence and obliged to respond to its active and positive force. For the other tendencies we need to check on the Planes of Expression and discover your place of power.

The next step is to note the First Vowel of your name that reveals your deeper self. Next we refer to your Heart’s Desire; to ensure that the work you get into sparks of vitally and heart-interest that would make it permanent.
The next to consider is your Current Pinnacle, Current Challenge and the Main Challenge. Similarly we must never loose sight of the barriers (Karmic Lesson, Karmic Debt Numbers)

The process of Vocational Guidance:

Identifying abilities, Opportunities, Tendencies, Preferences, Possibilities, Present influences and Barriers. This requires a serious working of calculations and analysis for upto 2-3 hours. The explanation will be given at every step. You can record the entire conversation on your smart phone for repeated listening and better understanding. By the end of the consultation you will have an absolute clarity about the most suitable career for you at the time of consultation. All your queries will be answered clearly and meticulously.

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