Power of Reason Workshops for Teenagers

“When my daughter was 15, she started to talk back to me. If I told her, ‘It’s time to eat dinner,’ she would reply, ‘I’ll eat when I feel like it.’ If I asked her if she had finished her chores, she would say, ‘Stop bugging me!’ Many times, she and I would raise our voices and shout at each other.”

—Ramya, Bangalore

“When my son was just 13, he started to talk back to both of us. If his mother told him, ‘It’s time to study,’ he would reply, ‘I’ll study after I finish watching this film.’ If I asked him if he had completed his homework, he would say, ‘Dad, Stop bugging me!’ Then one day he demanded for a smart phone and a laptop. I was shocked. Several times, he and I would raise our voices and it was a terrible feeling.”

—Ramesh, Mysore

“When my teenage children challenge my authority, it makes my blood boil. However, I find myself completely helpless when children refuse to do what I want them to do.”

—Parvathi, Gulbarga


If you are the parent of teenager, conflicts may test every bit of your parenting skills & patience


Recently we did this experiment with teenagers; we put them in Power of Reason Workshop for two days. Though initially hesitant; slowly they were engrossed in the course. Over the time they got present to the timeless truth, that they need not waste their time proving anything to anybody; as anyway no one is interested and they were simply wasting their time and talents in wrong activities. The moment they realized what could be their worthwhile long time goal; they got excited to work on that. At the same time; they were able to connect the dots in their life so far and also got present to why few things were not working as well as they wanted. They became receptive to the new found knowledge.

Act NOW! All for your children…

If you are a parent of the teenager; we invite you to allow your teenager to attend this 2 days Intensive Workshop. During the workshop we will be working on each participant individually. At the end of the workshop each participant will have 100% clarity about: What could be his/ her LIFE-TIME GOAL? What are their natural talents? What would he or she love to be or do without anyone pushing them to do so? What opportunities are awaiting for them in the future? What challenges they must overcome and convert those into their strengths? Each participant will also get the remedies for their problems.

Registrations Open: Workshops starting on Aug 29, 2015 and Sep 05, 2015

Registrations Closes: Two days prior.

Tuition : Rs. 27,500/- only per child.

Parents too could attend this 2 days Workshop along with their children for additional fee of Rs 7500/- per parent. The morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be served during the day for both days.